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Erna had won the Walking Slowly into a Bookshop Contest


Erna had won the “Walking slowly into a bookshop” contest. It had taken her three hours and thirty five minutes. Proudly she received her prize, congratulations and a collection of thick books. Following the ceremony she headed off, slowly reading the first volume, as she slowly made her way home. After about a week she finally arrived at her sofa and by then she had finished the first 33 pages of the first book. Eberhard had not competed in the contest, he had remained a spectator. For three hours and thirty five minutes Eberhard had watched Erna, he thought that she would win as after an hour, as she was the only one still walking. The remaining contestants were on the point of a nervous breakdown, they entered the bookshop, after three minutes (which is also very slow for a two meter walk), after thirty two minutes, and after sixty five minutes, where they were all received with a coffee and a consolation prize. But Erna walked on and on, her progress imperceptible, but walk on she did. This fascinated Eberhard, he had often closely observed clock hands to catch them moving, because he knew they did. So why could he never catch them at it? He had never caught them moving, either the small hand, or even the big one. They moved it seems by stealth, they were too quick for him or rather, too slow. And now full of admiration, Eberhard had watched Erna make progress into the bookshop without apparently moving, what an incredible woman she must be. She was like the hands of a clock, the moon sailing through space, like the impalpable changing of the seasons. He patted her on the back congratulating her warmly, she replied:

T                                                                                                                          h                   

                                 a                                                               n                                          k



               y                                     o                                             u



v                                                                             e                               

                   r                                                                                                 y


                                                    m                     u



  c                                                                                                                                           h      !  !           !          !" 


Translation fron Dutch: Marius Jaspers & Chris Gardner